The Bachelor’s Krystal Nielson Defends Calling Arie "Needled--k" in Shocking Never-Aired Footage

Exclusive: After never-before-seen footage was aired during the Women Tell All special, The Bachelor's Krystal Nielson defends herself to E! News

By Tierney Bricker Feb 26, 2018 3:00 AMTags
Watch: Krystal N. Explains Calling "Bachelor" Arie a "Needle D--k"

Quick, someone check to see if "needled--k" is a trending topic on Twitter right now.

In what was one of the most shocking moments during The Bachelor's Women Tell All special on Sunday night, a never-before-aired scene of season 22's most polarizing contestant Krystal Nielson stunned Bachelor Nation. In the scene, which featured more of Krystal's tirade in her hotel room following the group bowling date (her team won, the losing team was then invited along for the night portion of the date, Krystal lost her s--t, chaos ensued, etc.), Krystal is filmed in the bathroom, overheard calling Arie Luyendyk Jr. a "needled--k" and using the c-word to describe the other women, among other comments. Yikes

"It was when I was really upset," Krystal told E! News after the Women Tell All taping of the NSFW expletive-filled moment. "I was really f--king pissed with the whole process. I felt like my teammates and I were very disrespected. And what you hear me saying, it wasn't me, it was my teammates and I." 

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While she expressed some remorse during her time on stage with Chris Harrison, Krystal doesn't seem to totally regret the sure-to-be infamous "needled--k" comment, telling us, "I was in my hotel room having a private conversation with my roommate. I wasn't aware that was captured. And I'm sorry, don't we all vent to our girlfriends? We all say s--t. Hello, like, Come! We're all not innocent. I was just micro-phoned and had cameras hiding outside on my balcony, OK? So sorry not sorry!"

Just as shocked by the footage as the viewers were? The Bachelor himself, who told us he saw the scene for the first time "right before" he went on stage at the Tell All to face Krystal and the rest of his eliminated women.

"I was just disappointed, that's the only word I can really think of," Arie said. "Just because it's unnecessary." (And he made that clear during his time on the couch with Krystal, which was super icy, with Arie telling her he felt their cold goodbye on the show was "pretty appropriate" in hindsight.)


While Krystal may or may not regret the comments she made about Arie and the women in her post-bowling breakdown, the fitness trainer did admit she would go back and change some of her actions. 

"Are there things I wish I could do a little differently? Of course," Krystal said. "Of course, I never want to hurt someone. I never ever had that M.O." 

Press play on the video above to hear more from Krystal about her controversial comments and why Arie isn't too concerned about the social media response to the "needled--k" comment. 

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And check with E! News tomorrow for more exclusive interviews and reactions from the Women Tell, including the women sounding off on Krystal's behavior and Arie addressing the controversy surrounding his finale.