Have You Seen "Bonus Jonas" Frankie Jonas Lately?

The fourth brother in the Jonas family is now 17 years old and totally grown up

By Kendall Fisher Feb 22, 2018 2:01 PMTags

Frankie Jonas isn't the tiny, little Jonas brother we remember anymore!

For those of you scratching your head, wondering where Frankie fits in among Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas, let us clarify: He's the fourth Jonas brother (yes, there are four) and the youngest.

In fact, he was just 5 years old when his three older brothers started the Jonas Brothers band in 2005, growing up alongside them as they continued to take over Disney and the young music world for eight years.

He became friends with people like Noah Cyrus and even did some voiceover work for the English version of Ponyo movie in 2008.

Jonas Brothers Through the Years

Unfortunately, when the Jonas Brothers split up in 2013, we started seeing less of little Frankie.

So where is he now? Well, not so little anymore...

Launch the video above to find out what the Bonus Jonas is up to these days!