Bachelor Winter Games Finale Promo Shows Someone Down on 1 Knee

Who's proposing in this quick sneak peek of Thursday's 3-hour finale of The Bachelor Winter Games on ABC?

By Lauren Piester Feb 21, 2018 11:10 PMTags

Are we about to see Dean Unglert propose to Lesley Murphy?

In a quick promo for tomorrow night's Bachelor Winter Games finale, Dean gets down on one knee in front of Lesley, who he has dated throughout the show, at what appears to be the Tell-All special. In just three episodes so far, the pair has become kind of a powerhouse, winning both date cards in last night's episode and kicking off the kissing competition with a full choreographed dance(?) routine.

Sure, judge Rachel Lindsay didn't love it, but maybe she was just jealous that she never got a choreographed kiss when she was dating Dean on The Bachelorette

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Anyway, all we know is that there's a ring involved (with an engagement) and that this promo is promising "the steamiest, most drama-filled unexpected ending in Bachelor history," so while it appears that we may be in store for a Dean proposal, anything could really end up happening. Anyone could get engaged, or everyone could break up, or perhaps a bear infiltrates the taping and everyone has to fight it off. You don't know that those squeals and screams at the end of that promo aren't bear-related. It could happen! It probably won't, but it could! 

The three-hour Bachelor Winter Games finale airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC, starting with the two-hour final episode, followed by a one-hour tell-all special.