Ben Higgins Predicts Which of The Bachelor Winter Games Remaining Couples Could Actually Last

Exclusive: Heading into the finale, a few strong couples remain on The Bachelor Winter Games, but which will last in the real world? Ben Higgins weighs in

By Tierney Bricker Feb 22, 2018 2:05 PMTags
Watch: Which "Bachelor Winter Games" Couples Will Last?

Can international love survive in the real world?

That's what the majority of the remaining couples on The Bachelor Winter Games are asking themselves as we head into the finale tonight. And though it was only four episodes, some genuine connections seem to have formed on the ski slopes in Vermont, with Bachelor fan-favorite Ben Higgins admitting he was surprised by the relationships that came out of the ABC reality juggernaut's latest spinoff.

"I was talking to somebody and they said, 'Will any love actually come out of the show?' And I'm always a little pessimistic, a little bit like, OK, people like each other a lot, there's real love there, but will it last? I don't know, it's hard to say," Ben told  E! News at the taping of the World Tells All special. "I said, the couples that I witnessed, I think at least a couple are going to last and last forever, which is incredible. It's a huge success rate." 

How The Bachelor Winter Games Found Its International Stars

Hey, when arguably the most beloved Bachelor of all-time is endorsing you, it's gotta be true love (or close to it), right? 

Heading into the finale, there are five couples still together: Ashley I. (USA) and Kevin (Canada); Dean (USA) and Lesley (USA); Luke (USA) and Stassi (Sweden); Courtney (Australia) and Lily (New Zealand); and Bibiana (USA) and Jordan (New Zealand). 

And Ben, whose emotional departure from the show shattered Bachelor Nation's collective heart into a million tiny pieces, is betting on two of the romances to last.

"I think Courtney and Lily are just perfect for each other," Ben said, "And I don't want to give up on Lesley and Dean, there's a lot there. I think they have this relationship that's very real and there's a lot of love that's deep down. I think they're going to butt heads a lot, but I  think they really love each other." 

And Ben's fellow Bachelor lead, New Zealand's Jordan, seems to agree with his American counterpart's assessment, saying, "My favorite couple would have to be Lily and Courtney." And of Dean and Lesley, he  gushed, "I have never seen such a gorgeous, gorgeous couple." 

While Ashley I. and Kevin seem to be very into each other, her close friend and podcast co-host Ben admitted to having some serious concerns about their future. Why? Press play on the video above to find out. 

The Bachelor Winter Games finale airs tonight at 8 p.m., with the World Tells All special airing at 10 p.m., all on ABC.