Revenge Body Participant Tells Khloe His Mom Called Him a ''Failure'': ''I Want to Prove to Her That I Can Be Successful''

By Vannessa Jackson Feb 23, 2018 2:00 PMTags
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He's taking control of his life! 

Alexis is ready to show his mom what he's made of and prove to himself that he's stronger than he knows. On this week's episode of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, Alexis meets with Khloe to discuss his journey and what he hopes to accomplish during his time on the show. 

"I've been put down my whole life. I was always, like, made fun of or the butt of people's jokes," Alexis reveals. "But the most hurtful thing to me actually is my mother." Alexis' mom has not been a positive influence, and he's hoping to prove her wrong.

"My mother has called me an embarrassment, a failure, every single day of my life," he tells Khloe. "She would say to her friends that she never wanted any daughters, she only wanted sons, so when I came along, I was like effeminate, she would turn around and attack me for that as well." 

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Alexis revealed that the words did more than just hurt him emotionally, because they started to take a toll on his body and self-confidence. "All I could do was sit on my couch, like, eat food. Because it was a distraction, I just retreated into myself and kept eating," he shares. 

Beyond his mom, Alexis has another thing motivating his journey. "I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and love myself, so I can be confident and pursue my dreams," he shares. "My, like, career goal in life is to just do what I love, which is singing. But my mother, everything that she said put this voice in my head, ‘You'll never be able to do it.' I want to prove to her that I can be successful."

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"I do really think that this whole process is going to give you so much strength, that you might be like, 'You know you can't hurt me anymore,'" Khloe tells him. "It's not all easy. So I want you to not give up." She was right! 

Towards the end of his journey, he meets up with Khloe again, and this time, it's like a whole new person. "There is a lightness and airiness about you," Khloe compliments him. "You exude confidence. You just stand taller. Even you're wearing fuchsia pink—I love it! You feel confident."

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