The Bachelor Winter Games: Who's Hooking Up and Who Went Home in Episode 2

Find out which couples are together and who went home in The Bachelor Winter Games' second episode , which aired Thursday night on ABC

By Tierney Bricker Feb 16, 2018 3:17 AMTags
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Things are officially heating up on Winter Games.

Thought it's only episode two of The Bachelor Winter Games, real relationships are forming and people are getting hurt left and right (and not just from falling on the ice during the speed-skating competition). Maybe it's the addition of the international competitors, but everyone seems to be taking this really seriously (again, aside from the actual sporting events). By the end of the ABC reality spinoff's episode on Thursday night, several serious relationships had been formed. 

Here's a quick relationship status report on Winter Games' couples, based on the rose ceremony, which found the men handing out the roses: 

How The Bachelor Winter Games Found Its International Stars

Rose Ceremony: 
Courtney gives his rose to Lily. The two have been together since day one, making  them one of the most solid pairs.
Luke gives his rose to Stassi: The duo's chemistry became clear after their emotional conversation in the beginning of the episode. And after Stassi won the speed-skating event, they bonded even further on their date. Luke says they have "a soul connection." 
Jordan gives his rose to Bibiana. Due to Visa issues, New Zealand's season two Bachelor Jordan entered the game late, and initially the rest of the cast has reservations, after hearing he had FLIPPED A COIN to decide between his final two women. Eventually, he won them over, and connected with Bibiana right off the bat after Kevin decided he wanted to pursue a romance with Ashley I. "I am like super excited. I believe I have real feelings for her," Jordan says, before adding he is a little scared by how fast it's moving. Ruh-roh!
Josiah gives his rose to Ally: Another couple that has remained together since the beginning.
Dean gives his role to Lesley. Despite her valid concerns about Dean's maturity, the couple clearly has a connection. Fingers crossed Dean has changed his indecisive ways from Bachelor in Paradise, because, as Lesley says, "He's got some growing up to do. I'm a strong woman who knows what she wants." Yasss our Winter Games queen!


Ben H. gives his rose to Yuki. Friendly rose!
Kevin gives his rose to Ashley I. Ashley I. may have found the one y'all! "I don't feel stupid saying I could fall in love with him. Like where did he come from?" she gushes. "I'm like pretty sure I want to marry Kevin. I'm in Seventh Kevin." Hoping this one doesn't end in tears!
Michael gives his rose to Tiffany. Friendly rose part deux!
Christian gives his rose to Clare. Despite saying she would not accept a rose from the jacuzzi-obsessed Christian after their multiple heated convos (and his very Juan Pablo Galavis-esque use of "Eees okay!"), Clare accepted his rose, explaining, "I never give up on love." Sigh.


Eliminated: Rebecca from Sweden and Jenny from Finland are not offered roses, but the big exit of the night was Benoit, the sensitive Canadian. Benoit chose to leave the show after Clare told him she did not have feelings for him. 

"I do wish I had more of a feeling, because you're such a catch," she says to the devastated Canuck. "You and I aren't on the same page."  

Benoit admits he knows it was fast, but he believes it was love at first sight with Clare and there is no one else in the house for him. "I would've loved to hear from her that she wanted me to stay, to see if things could work out. She didn't felt it." 

Oh, and his 31st birthday is tomorrow. 

The Bachelor Winter Games' next episode airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC.