The Royals' Queen Helena Clears Up Some "Fake News" About America's President and His Tiny Hands in Hilarious Promo

In honor of Presidents' Day, Elizabeth Hurley has a message for America's orange leader

By Brett Malec Feb 16, 2018 1:15 PMTags

Queen Helena is on rumor patrol!

In a newly released promo for season four of The Royals, Elizabeth Hurley is celebrating Presidents' Day by sharing a funny little message with her U.S. fans.

"Happy Presidents' Day, America. And speaking of your president, I'd like to dispel some fake news out there about his recent visit to our side of the pond," Queen Helena says in the clip. "Like this: that his hands were too small to open the doors of Buckingham Palace. Or that I had to throw away all of his bed sheets because of his spray tan. I would hate for anyone to think that any of these are true. Or these..."

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The Queen goes on to hold up several newspapers with various headlines and the prez. "That he threw a temper tantrum when he realized my face is on money and his isn't," she says. "That he thinks Mexico paid for Stonehenge." LOL!

She adds, "So please, don't share these stories with everyone you know. After all, that's how rumors get started."

Watch the hilarious promo for yourself!