Jennifer Is Feeling "Sick" About Confronting Her Cheating Ex At Her Reveal Party on Revenge Body

By Vannessa Jackson Feb 16, 2018 2:00 PMTags
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It's time to see what she's made of! 

On this week's episode of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, the time has come for Jennifer to reveal herself to the world and have a heart to heart with her cheating ex-boyfriend Mark. While she initially began this journey with hopes of a reconciliation, she instead found the strength to finally let him go. 

"How's everything going with Mark?" Khloe Kardashian asked her at her final fitting. "I actually, for the first time, did not care," Jennifer reveals. Khloe is so here for this new and improved Jennifer. "That's like such a great mentality to have. To be like, ‘I'm over this. This has nothing to do with me,'" Khloe encourages her. 

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While Jennifer may be ready to put her relationship with Mark behind her, sitting down with him at her reveal party is going to be a whole other story. One that she's a little scared about. 

"Are you nervous for tonight?" Her hairdresser asks. "A little sick to my stomach about it. When I think [about] seeing him, or having that conversation, will be that last emotional release," she shares. Here's to hoping she's ready for the fresh start she deserves! 

See the emotional moment in the clip above!