DeMario Jackson Is Spending Valentine's Day With...Corinne Olympios

Former Bachelor in Paradise contestants are spending the special day together but just as friends

By Amanda Rothenberg Feb 14, 2018 8:42 PMTags
DeMario Jackson, Corinne OlympiosPhotographer Group / Splash News

If you thought you'd seen the last of DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios... think again! The Bachelor in Paradise pair will be spending Valentine's Day friends.

During the first episode of "Bigger Talks," fellow former Bachelorette contestant Eric Bigger's new podcast, DeMario opened up about his relationship with Corinne. "I can't wait for tonight," he said about their V-Day plans. "Just for the fact that – you know, we're homies. We're really good friends, and you know, we just enjoy each other's company and we like to take things slow."

Corinne and DeMario, who were both at the center of Bachelor in Paradise's alleged misconduct scandal which temporarily halted production of the reality show over the summer, have reunited on multiple occasions in recent months.

"We hang out. We have fun, and you know, that's it," DeMari said on the podcast.

DeMario was also asked to weigh in on the #MeToo movement on the episode.

Eric started the conversation by asking DeMario if he felt any different now that the conversation around gender equality has become so mainstream. DeMario responded, "There's just certain things that [men] have been programmed to do, so now at 31, I've been, like, de-programming myself from a lot of things, from a lot of locker room talk."

Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Guess, Inc.

DeMario's age has also led him to feel ready for a serious relationship. After his stint on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette, he's not interested in being a "serial dater." Despite spending Valentine's Day with Corinne as just friends, he admits he's still into her - he just isn't sure if she'll ever feel the same.

He shared, "I'm 31 years old. If you're not ready mentally, if you're not all in – I don't want to be like that serial dater. I don't want to be that person…One day, you know, if it's meant to be…" 

As for Eric, though, he's ready to get back on the dating scene as a contestant on The Bachelor Winter Games. Eric summed up what fans will see on the show. 

"Fun. Unexpected. Laughter. Love. Everything in between."