Timothée Chalamet Smolders in GQ Cover Photo Shoot

Oscars 2018 nominee has fans swooning with his latest spread, released on Valentine's Day

By Corinne Heller Feb 14, 2018 5:28 PMTags
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Oscars 2018 nominee Timothée Chalamet has fans swooning with a GQ March 2018 cover shoot that many fans are calling the perfect Valentine's Day present.

The 22-year-old, who is nominated for his first Oscar for his role as Armie Hammer's character's love interest in Call Me By Your Name and also appears in the nominated film Lady Bird, is making a name for himself not only for his acclaimed acting skills but also for his smoldering good looks.

Just ask Twitter.

GQ's photo spread, which includes a photo of Chalamet lounging on a luxurious sofa with a Puli dog—the same breed owned by Mark Zuckerberg, and accompanying article on Chalament was released on Wednesday, Valentine's Day. Coincidence?

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Chalamet discusses his thespian roots and upbringing—his grandmother and mother were Broadway dancers, his sister is an actress and ballet dancer in Paris and he went to LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. And Grandma, by the way, is his neighbor and probably his biggest fan.

"One of these people asked you how come you took such a part in this movie, if it was a risk. And you said, 'I'm a serious actor, and I like parts that challenge me, and nobody knows me, nobody knows my name, I have nothing to lose.' I was hysterical! Oh, I love this boy!" she told him, in front of GQ's features editor and author of the piece, Daniel Riley. "And just today I was thinking...won't be that way anymore! I mean, here you are going to be on [The Tonight Show Starring] Jimmy Fallon tonight—I told my friend Marilyn!"

GQ dubs the New York-born actor a "once-in-a-generation talent" and Lady Bird director Greta Gerwig makes some very powerful comparisons.

"He's Christian Bale, Daniel Day-Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio," she told GQ. "A heartthrob but with thoroughbred acting chops. Everyone else will be amazed by what he grows into, but I won't—I've always known that he's a unicorn."

"I've never acted with any sort of public image in mind," Chalamet told GQ. "With anybody expecting anything, and it freaks me out a little...If I had known people would be seeing Call Me by Your Name, I don't know if it would've come out the same way."