P.F. Chang,  PyeongChang, 2018 Winter Olympics


Well, that was embarrassing.

Local Chicago news station WLS-Ch.7 accidentally broadcasted a graphic that referred to the host city of the 2018 Winter Olympics as P.F. Chang's instead of Pyeongchang. The mix-up between the names of the South Korean county and the Asian-inspired restaurant chain occurred Saturday and quickly went viral.

Jayme Nicholas, a spokesperson for the ABC affiliate, told the Chicago Tribune the graphic was meant for a separate "satirical piece" created by sports anchor Mark Giangreco that asked viewers to come up with their own Olympic sport. However, Nicholas told the newspaper the graphic accidentally aired during a Saturday story read by anchor Mark Rivera. Nicholas also apologized for the error.

P.F. Chang's caught the mistake and tweeted about it.

Hopefully, the news station learned from the mistake.

Tune in to NBC to watch the Winter Olympics.

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