Gigi Hadid Breaks Down Bella and Kaia Gerber's Walks at Anna Sui

These It Girls channeled old-school models at fashion week

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You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

Don't worry—Gigi Hadid breaks it down. The model, along with little sis, Bella Hadid, opened and closed Anna Sui's fall-winter 2018 dual runway at New York Fashion Week Monday. In addition to the models' signature struts, the designer asked the pros, including Kaia Gerber, to add a little extra flair (and so many more twirls) to their runway routine. 

"Anna's done something really fun this season and gave us some homework of [watching] some old-school runway shows and how they used to walk and carry themselves," Gigi shared with E! News' Zuri Hall. "So, Bella and I are opening together today, and we kind of had to do a little practice, a little homework and some extra rehearsals, but it's really fun to do something new and kind of challenge ourselves in that way."

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The runway worked in an H-shape, in which two models would walk down the parallel sides, back toward the middle, cross each other, then walk down the other side in unison. To open the show, the sisters twirled away, showing off the decadent collection, complete with mixed textures like brocade, tweed and sequins. 

"We work well together," said Gigi about Bella. "We're good at timing each other on the same steps and stuff, so it's good."

The collection was inspired by old fashion magazines that the designer read while growing up. "I threw in a little bit of my own beginning in New York during my club days, so you have the makeup, you have the hair, so there was a little bit of trying to be a movie star and a superstar all together at once," Anna explained. However, the inspiration behind the model movements date much further back than that. Inspiration was taken from the pre-runway, old showroom era, where designers "really [showed] the clothes," Anna added. 

"All the old-school supermodels have their own kind of way of walking, but these walks we're doing specifically are kind of even before that time," Gigi noted. 

Expect: micro-movements, far-flung glances to the sides and dainty arm waves, à la Bella, before landing a strong hand-to-hip pose. 

Gigi's typical strut doesn't usually include so many spins and twirls, but for Anna Sui, she let the fashion fly. 

Kaia, on the other hand, compounded her walk into a few side glances, a twirl and a little hand-in-pocket action.

"Kaia already has her own distinct walk and her own coach...and her own approach," noted Gigi. "She doesn't need my help. I'm so proud of her. From her first season, she just killed it in her first step first opening show. It's really nice to see her around and see her thriving through the season."

Which old-school walk best personifies your style?

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