Why Kristin Cavallari Is Obsessed with Hailey Baldwin

Plus the trendsetters and trends she's following at NYFW

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When the shiny gates of the fashion world opened to Kristin Cavallari close to ten years ago, New York Fashion Week gave her opportunities for moments she'd been dreaming off all of her life.

"I did like three shows a day," she reminisced with E! News. "I was changing in cars or bathrooms. I was going out at night. So I was young and I was in New York and it was fun. I was completely burned out afterwards, but I had the time of my life. It was one of my favorite memories of when I was first got into the business and started doing all of these fun things that you could only dream about."

Now, with her jewelry collection, Uncommon James, her namesake shoe brand and 2.9 million followers, The Hills star has maintained a lavish lifestyle and great style.

Best Looks at New York Fashion Week Winter 2018

In honor of a week of celebrities, street style and epic runways, the reality star revealed the trends and trendsetters that she's got her eye on this season.

Check them out below!

Trend 1: Feathers

"I've seen a lot of feathers, which are always really fun and feminine," she said when sharing the trends she's watching now. "I do love it. I wouldn't necessarily wear feathers in every day. But, it's really fun to go to a red carpet or an event and play dress up in sense. That's when I love to be really girly and wear things that I wouldn't normally wear [on the red carpet]."

Trend 2: Menswear

"I know [menswear is] a trend that always comes and goes. But um, I've seen a lot of menswear with a twist, like a jacket with a dress or something, which I really love. I love that balance between masculine and feminine."

Trend 3: Cutouts

"Cutouts are really big still. I think that's really sexy—all of the cutouts and sheer paneling. I'm really drawn to that. I mean, as long as your not showing too much," she said while laughing.

Kate Moss

"I will always love Kate Moss," Kristin told E! News. "Her street style is perfect. I just love how effortless and chic she is."

Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley

Next on her list: "I really like Rosie Huntington."

Hailey Baldwin

"I think accessories can truly make or break your outfit, and I'm just drawn to simple silhouettes, more form-fitting and structure," she said. With that, she called her love for the model's ensembles an "obsession."

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Stay tuned all week for more updates, celebrity looks and how-tos from NYFW!