Inside "Mi Mala" Remix's Music Video with Becky G, Mau y Ricky, Karol G, Leslie Grace and Lali

"You’re going to find that this has probably never been done before in the Latin market," the singer says

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Watch: Behind the Scenes Look at "Mi Mala" Music Video

All this girl power in one song? Yes, and it's epic!

Mau y Ricky, Karol G's "Mi Mala" which paints a picture of what a non-exclusive relationship is like, was already a huge hit, but they wanted to take it up a notch. They also wanted to do something that hadn't really been done recently in Latin music. They enlisted the voices of powerhouses like Leslie Grace, Becky G, and Lali

"Mi Mala" Remix is exactly what they aimed for, it's infectious and you'll find yourself leaving it on repeat. 

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"I think we killed it. Y'all gotta be ready to see some baddies in this video," Becky G says to E! News while on the set. "We rocked the mala, for sure." 

The "Mayores" singer has previously worked with Grace for "Díganle" in October. 

"It's a beautiful thing to have four wonderful women in one video, and some of us have worked together in the past. Me and BG back on set together so this is great," Grace says to E! News. "But Lali and Karol are some women that have done some amazing things in the industry. So we're coming together all four of us with these bad boys to do incredible things." 

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The Montaner brothers were elated to be able to share the music video with these singers, who are also their friends out of the music studio. 

"I hope you guys love it, it's really a lot of fun, it's a blessing to work with all of these beautiful ladies," Ricky Montaner says. 

While his brother Mau Montaner adds, "You guys need to watch the video because you're going to find that this has probably never been done before in the Latin market."

Check out the video above for a behind-the-scenes look at the "Mi Mala" Remix's music video. 

"We're making history, baby!" says Becky.