Sarah Jessica Parker Thinks Fans Should Never Put Sex and the City 3 Hopes to Rest

Actress also reveals the secret of her happy marriage to Matthew Broderick

By Mike Vulpo Feb 09, 2018 10:26 PMTags
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Never say never Sex and the City lovers!

It's no secret that fans have been on a roller coaster when it comes to a possible third movie. But while visiting the Paley Center for Media in celebration of her HBO series Divorce, Sarah Jessica Parker couldn't help but address another series on the minds of many pop culture fans.

"I feel like I've been saying the same thing for so long because we were going to do [Sex and the City 3] and then we didn't and that's perfectly alright," she told E! News. "And I have to say there has been no substantive conversation since it was determined that we didn't."

Hold up, there's still hope!

"But I also know [director and writer] Michael Patrick King and I know what a brilliant storyteller he is and magnificent, magical writer he is so I would never put it to rest because his brain works in wonderful, surprising ways," Sarah added.

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Watch: Is There Still a Chance For "Sex and the City 3" Movie?

Ultimately, the actress who made Carrie Bradshaw a household name is focused on her HBO series called Divorce. The comedy follows a couple going through a long, drawn-out separation.

It's a role that doesn't exactly match Sarah's real-life longtime romance with Matthew Broderick who have been happily married for 20 years.

When asked to share her secrets to a happy partnership, Sarah said privacy helps.

"I don't claim to have any secrets to making a marriage work but for the thing I always say is we just don't talk about our marriage so that's probably been beneficial to us," she explained to us. "Strangely enough, I haven't used the work to be a point of reference for us because my character was going through a divorce and is now a single woman. I mean, I guess in some case I could look at is as a cautionary tale."

Sarah continued, "I think we just go about our lives and take care of marriage and our family in the way we know best."

Watch Season 2 of Divorce on HBO now.