Fergie Addresses Quentin Tarantino Biting Incident as Director Faces Backlash

Pop singer tells E! News she was "used" to the environment on set of 2006's Planet Terror

By McKenna Aiello Feb 09, 2018 9:18 PMTags
Watch: Fergie Recounts Working With Quentin Tarantino on "Grindhouse"

Fergie wants to clear the air on Quentin Tarantino's behavior toward her while filming 2006's Planet Terror

In a newly resurfaced, behind-the-scenes interview with the pop singer, who starred in the film's Grindhouse double feature, Fergie claimed Tarantino bit her on set of the zombie flick. More than a decade later, Fergie told E! News their interaction was all in good fun—but doesn't want her "amazing" experience working with the director to discredit others coming forward with differing accounts. 

"I think everyone's story is so important, and I won't take away anything from anyone's story," Fergie said. "I stand with victims everywhere." 

The Four judge said touring with the Black Eyed Peas prepared her for the environment on set of Planet Terror, and didn't find Tarantino's behavior completely out of the ordinary. 

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"My experience during Grindhouse was amazing…. I was sort of in tomboy phase, and I was used to banter and talking some smack," Fergie explained. That's really what it was for me. That was my experience."

"But trust me," she added, "I stand with victims everywhere no matter what. No matter age, genre, gender, race… period."

Tarantino's actions on set were called into question when Uma Thurman released footage of a dangerous Kill Bill stunt she said the director pressured her to perform that caused "permanent" injuries. Tarantino ultimately acknowledged Thurman's claims, saying she "had a right" to blame him for the stunt. The actress also alleged in a New York Times interview that Tarantino spit in her face for a scene, which the filmmaker said was agreed upon by both parties. 

Tarantino has also recently faced backlash for comments made in a 2003 Howard Stern interview about Roman Polanski's 13-year-old rape victim, in which he said she "wanted it." He has since issued a public apology to Samantha Geimer.  

See our entire interview with Fergie in the video above.