Big Brother: Celebrity Edition Addresses Donald Trump and Bill Cosby and We Are Hooked On This Show

Omarosa compared her support of Trump to Pulliam's support of former co-star Bill Cosby on Thursday's episode of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition

By Lauren Piester Feb 09, 2018 3:22 AMTags
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Tonight on Big Brother, Omarosa responded to Keshia Knight Pulliam's criticism of her politics by comparing her support of Donald Trump to Keshia's support of Bill Cosby, and we just do not know what to do anymore. 

How did Shannon just sit in that room, listening to Omarosa speak on Bill Cosby's impact on the black community and tell Keshia that there's no difference in their controversial support of public figures? And how was Shannon still so concerned about her stupid role as HoH when these wild conversations were going on? 

Eye on the ball, Shannon! Eye on the ball! 

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We get that's how the game is played, and to be fair to Shannon, she was doing a pretty good job. The men were also doing a pretty bad job. The women had the numbers, and the guys were doing their best to suck up to them, but they kept saying dumb things. 

Mark McGrath told Shannon she was one of his biggest threats in the house (automatic thing you never tell a Head of Household!) and Chuck confirmed that he was working with Mark, James, and Metta while Ross was on the girls' team. 

Shannon intended to get rid of James, until Metta came begging to be put up for eviction because he misses his wife. Shannon still intended to get rid of James, but it was nice to know Metta wasn't in this to win it. 

Outside, Ross sat down with Omarosa to have the most compelling whispered conversation we might have ever heard. CBS released the clip earlier today, but basically Omarosa explained that she took the job in the White House because she felt a duty to the country, but she was haunted by tweets every day. 

When Ross asked if she would vote for Trump again, she said "God no, never, in a million years, never" through tears. 

If this is real, damn. If this isn't real, also damn. This woman still knows how to take charge on reality TV even when she's not in charge. 

How was Ross Matthews not losing his mind? 

Anyway, there was still the game to be played, and there was the gift bag twist to deal with. 

When the pic of the gift bag showed up on the screen, anyone who wanted to open theirs had to line up outside the diary room and declare that they wanted to open it. They would then get to open it at the nomination ceremony. 

If more than one person asked to open their bag, a random draw would decide who would do it. The plan was for all the women to volunteer to open their bags to keep the girls + Ross alliance safe, to lessen the guys' chances. 


Keshia ended up getting to open hers and became HoH, and she stuck with the plan to nominate James and Chuck (since Chuck broke the promise not to use his bag). Aaand now we have to wait until tomorrow to find out who wins the Power of Veto which celeb goes home first. 

Please, let it be James. Please. And please let this show continue to be this strangely good. 

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