Khloe Kardashian Reveals She Once Considered Surrogacy

During an interview with ITV's Lorraine, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed she at one point considered using a surrogate to have a child

By Elyse Dupre Feb 08, 2018 3:40 PMTags

Khloe Kardashian is just a few months away from giving birth to her first child. But in a new interview with Ross King for ITV's Lorraine, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed she at one point considered having a child via surrogate.

"I mean, I thought about surrogacy at one point but then it just didn't cross my mind," Khloe, 33, said. "And then when I got pregnant, I was just so surprised….When you hear all of these things about yourself, you just start believing them and I was just in shock I think as much as everybody else."

Khloe wouldn't have been the first Kardashian to have a child via surrogate. Her older sister Kim Kardashian, 37, recently welcomed her third childChicago West, via surrogate. In fact, there have been several new additions to the Kardashian clan. Kylie Jenner recently welcomed her first childStormie Webster, with her boyfriend Travis Scott.

Soon, it will be Khloe's turn to become a mom, and it looks like she's ready to take on the role.

"I think it puts so many things into perspective," she said, "and I mean, people say once you have a baby, your life just begins and you're going to realize everything you were doing is nonsense. But honestly, I'm so happy that this is happening in my life right now. They always say when you're ready you'll have a [baby], I feel so ready. What else can I even do? I'm ready. So, I feel like the timing really is perfect. I mean, it's just going to be so exciting everything that's about to happen."

However, she doesn't expect the arrival of the baby to change her estranged relationship with Caitlyn Jenner.  

"No, I don't think that affects anything with Caitlyn," she said, adding that things will probably stay "just as they are."

On Jan. 27, Khloe revealed she was about seven months pregnant. While she's been staying healthy and sticking to a fitness regimen, she's not afraid to give into the occasional craving.

"I give into cravings if I have them. Like if I want a doughnut, I'll have a doughnut. I'm not super crazy," she said. "My mom brought me like eight boxes of Krispy Kremes and got mad I didn't eat all of them. But I think that's crazy. But I definitely will eat sweets if I want and give into that but I really believe in working out and staying healthy. Every pound I put on I have to take back out."

Khloe announced she's expecting her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson back in December. And while she said she was initially "nervous" to share her pregnancy news, she now feels so "honored" to have her fans' support.

"Having everyone's positive and loving support—it's so great," she said. "Of course, I know the journey they've been along with me but then you really remember everything, like OK, wow, they feel so invested. But I feel so invested they're this invested with me."