Nicole Richie & Beauty Vlogger NikkieTutorials Swap Makeup Tricks

Here's a hilarious beauty tutorial you can do!

By Diana Nguyen Feb 07, 2018 9:09 PMTags

Nicole Richie always has the best way of putting it.

Case in point: Apply eye shadow "like brushing your teeth but in your crease," she says. If typical YouTube beauty tutorials are hard to follow, the Simple Life star is breaking down one look in her own terms. With the help of beauty vlogger NikkieTutorials, the new face of Urban Decay presents a "Naked Petite Heat sexy, smoldering, sexual makeup look" that's educational, relatable and, in Nicole Richie-fashion, full of erotic innuendo.

"Am I going to look like you after? Nicole asks Nikkie in the video. "Because that's the goal."

The famous YouTuber creates a warm, orangey smoky eye, using Urban Decay's latest launch—a smaller version of the best-selling Naked Heat Eye Shadow Palette ($54). Watch the video for the full tutorial. In the meantime, here are four surprising tidbits we learned from Nikki and Nicole.

Nicole Richie's Best Looks

Apply a "Little Love" to the Brows: "I'm just adding a little definition to that brow. Definitely don't want anything too harsh or insanely intense," describes the beauty pro while filling in and blending Nicole's brows. For a low-key version, Nicole offers her own hack: "I'll take the brow brush and put it in a little brown shadow and then I just brush my hairs up with a little shadow in it."

Nicole Doesn't Know How to Use Highlighter: "I think the highlighter is a little advanced. I'm happy for you to do it, absolutely. I just don't know how to do it," she explains. "I've never touched that part of my face before. It feels very bold." Going there, Nikkie sweeps a little shine in an S-like pattern across Nicole's cheekbones.

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Nicole's Go-To Sassy Beauty Look: "Sometimes, if I'm feeling sassy, I'll put on a little under-eye concealer just to look awake. Then I just do a little bronzer. Then I do Troublemaker Mascara. I curl my lashes," she describes. "Then I put on a little lip balm and then I mix it with the Urban Decay Fuel, and it gives you like a sheer desert rose—but a naughty rose, a rose with thorns."

Keep Calm: Starting in the outer corners, Nikkie applies Wild Thing, a bold orange hue, in soft, circular motions (again: "like brushing your teeth" to the crease of the eye. She then used the color Heist on the lash line to create more dimension. The trick is to keep the brows down and relaxed, according to the makeup artist, who says she sees a lot people getting too excited, which lifts the brows and skin. The result? Uneven application. Add a little mascara to the top and bottom lashes and it's "Boom. Boom. I want you in my room," she says.

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