Telli Swift Gets Her Dream Proposal and Kaylin Jurrjens Considers Motherhood on the Season Finale of WAGS Atlanta

The epic first season of WAGS Atlanta wraps up with babies, an engagement and a whole lot of love!

By Mona Khalifeh Feb 08, 2018 5:00 AMTags
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Tonight's two-hour season finale of WAGS Atlanta ended with a bang and some bling! 

Mom-to-be Telli Swift had more on her brain than just a baby. After waiting on boyfriend Deontay Wilder to propose, Telli considered getting a place of her own to show her boo that she means business.

"I went to look for spots to take myself out of this stressful situation," Telli told Deontay.

Though it seemed like Deontay was pushing back on the idea of marriage, the champion boxer was actually looking at rings. 

"I love the girl though. She got my heart. That's my baby, that's my best friend," Deontay told friends C.J. Mosley and Andre Caldwell.

At the couple's sex reveal party Deontay surprised Telli with a big rock and a sweet promise to be the man she's always wanted.

Telli Swift Thinks She Might Be Pregnant on "WAGS Atlanta"

But before all that, Kaylin Jurrjens had some mommy duties of her own to take care of. After trying her hand at babysitting Kierra Douglas' daughter, Harrison, Kaylin began seriously considering becoming a mother despite her reservations.

"At this point, I've taken a major step in my career that I'm super excited about. J.J. has an opportunity to get back into baseball once again and really the only thing that's missing right now is starting a family," Kaylin confessed.

While Kaylin worried that she couldn't juggle career and family, her time spent with Harrison made her realize that not only is she destined to be a mother, but she really can have it all.

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When it comes to their relationship, Kesha Norman and her man C.J. have overcome some major hurdles, but they aren't done yet.

Kesha and C.J. visited a brain specialist to seek treatment for what could be football-induced CTE, a degenerative brain disease found in people who have experienced repeated brain trauma.

The symptoms you're having are typical symptoms of CTE, but that doesn't mean it has to be progressive necessarily," a doctor told the couple.

The doctor put together a treatment plan that will work to restore C.J.'s brain function to his pre-football days.

"I think now with us learning more about what is possible, it allows us to be ahead of the curve. So, we're able to treat it and be supportive of one another," Kesha said.

Watch everything that went down in the epic two-hour finale in the recap video above.