The Good Fight Season 2 Trailer Promises an "Insane" World Full of Backstabbing, Comedy and Death

Christine Baranski, Cush Jumbo and Rose Leslie return in The Good Fight on CBS All Access on March 4

By Chris Harnick Feb 06, 2018 5:00 PMTags

Things on The Good Fight are about to get dangerous, it seems, at least if the trailer and new season two key art are to be believed. After all, throwing around William Shakespeare's "Kill all the lawyers" shouldn't be taken lightly.

"I feel like death is everywhere," Christine Baranski's Diane Lockhart says in the trailer above. And she's right.

The Good Fight season two picks up where season one left off. The world is going insane, the Chicago murder rate is on the rise and the lawyers think they have targets on their backs after a client at another firm kills his lawyer for overcharging. This sparks a copycat murder and raises everyone's anxiety levels.

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While the murders shake the lawyers, Diane finds herself battling the new partner at the firm, Liz Reddick-Lawrence, played by Audra McDonald. Maia (Rose Leslie) finds herself stuck in the middle of the financial scandal perpetrated by her parents, and possibly thrown under the bus by her girlfriend, and Lucca (Cush Jumbo) is brought back into Colin's (Justin Bartha) orbit.

Oh, and Howard Lyman (Jerry Adler) is somehow a judge! Diane says it best: "Oh dear god."

Other guest stars this season include Carrie Preston, Bernadette Peters, Paul Guilfoyle, Jane Lynch, Rob Reiner, Gary Cole and Tim Matheson. Yes, that is Diane Lockhart getting out of a bed with Matheson's character still in it!

"I say f—k it," Baranski's Diane Lockhart says in the trailer above.

"You've been saying a lot of that lately," McDonald's Liz Reddick-Lawrence says.

"Making up for lost time," Diane says, in a nod to the show's ability to now throw f—ks around.

Other things to take note of in the trailer: a classic Good Wife bar scene, Diane and Marisa (Sarah Steele) debating devils, a shoeless Diane strutting in the law firm, plenty of comedy and of course backstabbing.

Season two also stars Delroy Lindo, Michael Boatman and Nyambi Nyambi.

The Good Fight season two premieres March 4 on CBS All Access.