WAGS Atlanta's Deontay Wilder is Feeling the Pressure to Propose: See the Boxer Dish on His Fear of Heartbreak

It's not just commitment Deontay is weary of, the boxer is worried that this relationship with Telli Swift may leave him with a shattered heart

By Mona Khalifeh Feb 07, 2018 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Is Deontay Wilder's Past Heartbreak Sabotaging His Future?

With Telli Swift thinking about moving out, Deontay Wilder is feeling the pressure to propose.

In this clip from tonight's WAGS Atlanta, Deontay sat down with Andre Caldwell and C.J. Mosley to talk commitment and his fear of heartbreak.

"I love the girl. She's got my heart. That's my baby, that's my best friend," Deontay confessed.

While Deontay wasn't sure this was the right time to pop the question, Andre insisted that there's never truly a "right time."

"If you love this person, you want this person here with you forever, you make it right," Andre said.

But pressure isn't the only thing the boxing champ was feeling, Deontay revealed that his heart was shattered in the past.

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"Even though I know I got a great woman and I love her to death, I know that I could give my all to a person and still get f--ked over," Deontay told the guys.

While Andre pushed Deontay to forget the past, C.J. thought it was more about Telli making her man comfortable.

"I don't think he holding on to nothing per say, I just think that she has to make him comfortable," C.J. offered.

Despite his reservations, Deontay still has rings on his mind.

"I'm definitely not closed-minded about it, 'cause like I said, I found my best friend," Deontay maintained.

Watch Deontay get real about his emotions in the clip above.