Telli Swift Finds Out the Sex of Her Baby at Boxing Themed Reveal Party on the Season Finale of WAGS Atlanta

It's the moment of truth for these lovebirds. On the season finale, they'll find out if they're having a little boy or a little girl!

By Vannessa Jackson Feb 07, 2018 8:00 PMTags
Watch: See Telli Swift & Deontay Wilder's Gender Reveal Party

It's time for the big reveal! 

Telli Swift and Deontay Wilder couldn't be more excited to welcome their little bundle of joy into the world, but first they need to find out what sex they're having! Leave it to the WAGS Atlanta ladies to plan a perfect get together.

Telli's friends and fellow WAGS Kierra Douglas and Kesha Norman had the perfect idea for a reveal party that incorporated the best of Telli and Deontay. When Telli finally arrived to the party, she let the ladies know exactly what she wanted. "I want a girl," she tells Ariel. 

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Before she can say more, it's time for the reveal. "If you guys see, there is champagne bottles being passed around. So if you think it's a girl and you're team glitter, you want to make sure that you grab the pink bottle," Kesha tells the party. "If you're team boy, grab the black bottle."

This wasn't just any party, because it was boxing themed! "So when he punches the bag, if glitter comes out then it's a girl, and if little gloves come out then it's a boy," Kesha informed before Deontay punched the bag. What do you think they're having?! 

Watch the season finale of WAGS Atlanta to find out for yourself!