Selfie Kid Breaks Down Viral Justin Timberlake Moment From the 2018 Super Bowl

During Monday's episode of Good Morning America, the young breakout star explained how the famous selfie moment went down

By Elyse Dupre Feb 05, 2018 1:38 PMTags
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The Internet has a new star.

Ryan McKenna, 13, went viral during the 2018 Super Bowl after the teen snapped a selfie with Justin Timberlake during the singer's halftime show. An image of McKenna looking distracted on his phone instantly became an Internet meme and started trending on Twitter.

McKenna described the "crazy" viral moment on Monday's episode of Good Morning America. According to the young breakout star, McKenna "didn't really know" the Timberlake selfie was going to happen.

"There was a Super Bowl halftime lady and she, like, said that we were in a special section," he explained. "He just came up, and I just, like, jumped right in there with him. And he stopped right in our row so it was perfect."

He also explained his now-famous distracted pose. 

"I had a video going on and my phone shut off. That's why I was on my phone," he said. "And I love him because he's like my favorite singer, and I just had to get a selfie with him." 

So, how has his life changed since the viral moment? McKenna said his phone immediately "exploded" after the incident and that he acquired about 8,000 more followers.

"It was definitely a great opportunity. This is insane," he said. "Like, this is crazy that I got to meet him and get a picture with him because he's awesome."

Watch the video to see the full interview.