Jennifer Lopez Talks About Her 1-Year Anniversary With Alex Rodriguez

She made her comments after headlining the 2018 DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night concert, which A-Rod attended with his two daughters

By Corinne Heller Feb 05, 2018 11:40 AMTags
Watch: Jennifer Lopez Gushes About Alex Rodriguez on Anniversary

Happy dating anniversary to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez!

The two spent their special day with her twins and his two daughters in Minneapolis, where she headlined the 2018 DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night concert, a pre-Super Bowl LII show. Onstage, she sported several sexy looks and A-Rod was her biggest fan, Instgramming throughout the night. He attended the show with his kids and sat with Derek Hough, J.Lo's World of Dance co-judge.

Onstage at the concert, Lopez gave her beau a special shout-out before performing her song "Us," saying, "We've been together for one year today. I don't want to get all mushy or anything, but baby, this song's for you. I love you."

E! News' Sibley Scoles was with J.Lo after the performance, where the pop star explained her impromptu shout-out. "It was our little anniversary, so it was a special night. I kept thinking 'Oh, God—February 3! That's our day. Oh, my God! It's been a year.' It was more spontaneous than anything else. It wasn't too planned. I thought about it, and I thought, 'Maybe I'll do it; maybe I won't,'" Lopez said. "But it was a great show, in general, and...I don't know. We felt really good."

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's Blended Family Photos

Lopez and Rodriguez have often spent time with all their kids and have also taken luxury vacations together.

"He's so supportive," Lopez told E! NewsWill Marfuggi last week. "I mean, he was at rehearsal with me last night till 1 a.m. and after he had worked his whole day, I work my whole day, then we go to rehearsal and he's like, 'What time will you be done?' I said, 'I don't know.' He goes, 'Alright, I'll just come over there and I'll do some work and we'll go home together.' That's the kind of support, like in this business, it's just a different kind of business, you know, and so, to have someone who understands it and wants to be there and you want to be there for them, it's a very special thing."

She was also asked about a possible engagement.

"No, I don't like to pressure anybody for anything," Lopez said, smiling at Rodriguez.

Last May, a source told E! News that Lopez and Rodriguez "are getting very serious and talking marriage." In September, E! News' Sibley Scoles asked Rodriguez, "Could the question be popped?"

"Jennifer's amazing," he replied. "It's nice, it's nice. You're gonna make me blush now! Now I'm sweating. No, she's an amazing girl."