All of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's Sweetest Moments in the "Man of the Woods" Music Video

Watch the music video from his new album here.

By Elyse Dupre Feb 02, 2018 12:57 PMTags

Justin Timberlake released the music video for "Man of the Woods" on Friday, and it looks like his wife Jessica Biel made a few cameo appearances.

Her first appearance comes at about the one-minute and 37-second mark. In the scene, Timberlake heads into a tent and hands someone a cocktail. As he looks in the mirror to put on his beanie, fans catch a quick glimpse of Biel's reflection. 

Then, at about the two-minute and 20-second mark Timberlake extends his hand and pulls Biel onto the dance floor. As he leads his wife in a waltz, they stare lovingly into each other's eyes. Their moves are pretty impressive, too. Timberlake even throws a dip, a spin and a lift into the routine.

During their dance, Timberlake sings, "How do I ever explain what I've got with you? I try to find the words but they hide and that's the truth. And nobody will ever understand what we do. There's only one me and you. Come here, hold me ‘cause there's only one me and you. Yeah, there's only one me and you."


Throughout the song, Timberlake sings about his love for his wife. 

"I brag about you to anyone outside," he croons. "But I'm a man of the woods, it's my pride." 



Finally, Biel makes one final appearance at the end of the video when they hold hands and dance off into the forest.

Watch the video to see all of their sweet moments.


Timberlake teased Biel might make an appearance in his music video when he released a trailer for the album. Not only did the sneak peek show the actress but it also showed his son Silas. Hopefully, we'll get to see the little one in a future music video! Although, Silas is featured on Timberlake's song "Young Man."

"Man of the Woods" appears on Timberlake's album Man of the Woods, which he also released on Friday.

It's been a big week for Timberlake. In addition to releasing the music video, he's set to perform at the halftime show during the 2018 Super Bowl.