Jimmy Kimmel Hides Ellen DeGeneres' Birthday Gift in His Crotch

See all of the celebs who surprised the talk show host on Thursday's episode

By Jess Cohen Feb 01, 2018 9:30 PMTags

Ellen DeGeneres is receiving a lot of birthday love!

On Thursday's episode of The Ellen Show, Porita de Rossi surprised Ellen with a birthday present and she also received a surprise from Jimmy Kimmel! During the episode, Ellen played a game of "Show Did/Show Didn't" where she guessed if something happened on her show in the past or if it did not.

When Ellen was asked whether or not Jimmy had appeared on the show dressed as an Olympic figure skater, Ellen replied, "That sounds like he would for sure do that." It's then revealed that he didn't in the past, but that he's there today in the outfit!

Ellen DeGeneres Cries After Receiving the "Best" Birthday Gift From Portia de Rossi

Jimmy then walked to Ellen in his skates and almost fell, but he managed to make it the chair to sit down.

"I am so happy to be here and so honored to be a part of your 50th...50th birthday?" Jimmy asked, to which Ellen replied, "60th."

Jimmy then told Ellen that he had something for her and stood up to retrieve his present, a banana, from inside (and way down) his outfit. Ellen and the audience burst out laughing while Jimmy told them, "So important...bone density is really something you have to look out for...you can have this later."

Watch the video above to see Ellen's reaction to Jimmy's present and see Jamie Foxx and Chance the Rapper surprise her!