Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra Reveals How He Lost 30 Lbs. in 2 Months

Catelynn Lowell Baltierra's husband reveals some of his weight loss secrets

By Corinne Heller Feb 01, 2018 5:15 PMTags

Tyler Baltierra is continuing his weight loss journey.

Earlier this month, the 26-year-old Teen Mom OG star and husband of Catelynn Lowell Baltierra revealed on Twitter that he had lost 26 pounds in more than a month. Well, it's been two months now and he is down 30 pounds. Tyler talked about his weight loss on Twitter again on Wednesday, revealing how he managed to shed the pounds and keep them off.

"The cool thing is, I'm actually learning how to cook pretty decent now! Almost been 8 weeks since I made the decision to eat healthier & I'm down about 30lbs & I FEEL GREAT! #Motivated," Tyler tweeted. "I'm not really 'on a diet,' I just started caring more deeply about what I was putting in my body. To jumpstart the weight loss, I cut out carbs (besides toast in the a.m.), filled up on fruit, smoked fish, & vegetables for lunch & ate lean meats, vegetables & salad for dinner."

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Snapchat / Tyler Baltierra
Snapchat / Tyler Baltierra

"Today marks 8 weeks from when I made the decision to make a lifestyle change. I started caring more about what kind of food I put in my body & most of all, I wanted to challenge & prove to myself that I can do it!" he wrote on Instagram. "Today I'm 35lbs down & It has ALSO been 2 years & 26 days since I QUIT SMOKING CIGARETTES & I feel FANTASTIC! I'm crushing these personal goals & loving the rewards that come with it! #Motivated #IDontBowDown #IAmMyOnlyCompetition." 

On Snapchat, Tyler showed one of his meals—stir-fried shrimp and broccoli over rice.

"YUUUUUM! I'm actually eating rice," he wrote.

"But how do you go to the store and just walk by muffins and chocolate and ice cream and act like they don't even exist?! Ugh," user @kizzledizz tweeted at Tyler.

"Idk how other people do it, but I just walk past them at & cuss at them & insult them profusely until I walk far enough away that they're not tempting anymore lmao," he replied.