Kate Middleton Donates Hair to Same Children's Cancer Charity as Harry Styles Did in 2016

The Duchess of Cambridge donated seven inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust

By Kendall Fisher Jan 29, 2018 8:48 PMTags
Kate Middleton, Harry StylesGetty Images

Kate Middleton doesn't just get her hair cut for her own personal grooming needs...She does it for a good cause!

According to the Sunday Express, when the Duchess of Cambridge chopped her locks last summer, she anonymously donated seven inches of her hair to The Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs from real hair for children going through cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

If you're sitting there wondering how you've heard of that charity before, it's probably because it's the same charity Harry Styles famously donated his locks to in 2016.

Remember when he took an Instagram photo of his long braid chopped from his head? That's where he sent it!

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Meanwhile, The Little Princess Trust is so touched that Kate donated to their charity.

"It's lovely to think that somebody, somewhere—probably more than one person—has received a wig containing Princess Kate's hair," Helen Creese, a spokesperson for the charity, told People magazine. "It's a really lovely thought and it's fantastic for raising awareness, plus it's gorgeous hair— we all lust after that hair!"

As for which little one could be wearing a wig with the Duchess' hair? We may never know!

"We like to thank everyone and send out little certificates to all our donors," Creese explained. "But lots of people don't fill in the paperwork and they don't feel the need to be acknowledged in that way, but we are always very grateful."