Rose McGowan Takes to the Streets to Share Her Powerful Message About Abuse on CITIZEN ROSE: "I'm Just Like You"

She's willing to share her story with anyone who will listen

By Vannessa Jackson Jan 29, 2018 9:00 PMTags
Watch: Rose McGowan Talks to a Man on the Street About Abuse

She will not be silenced. 

On the two-hour premiere of E!'s new five-part documentary CITIZEN ROSE, former actress turned activist Rose McGowan is determined to speak her truth. Rose takes to the streets and has an encounter with a stranger that leads them both to further understanding of abuse and power. 

"I've never understood guys who do that. You know? What fun is that? There's no romance in that," the stranger tells Rose. "But you know something is wrong with them because in a normal mind you don't associate dominance or hurting someone with romance."

Watch Rose McGowan in "CITIZEN ROSE" January 30 on E!

Rose wants to get one thing straight: It's never about sex, it's about power. "It's not romance. It's completely about power, it's not even about sex at all," Rose shares. "I hate calling it a sex crime because it isn't. It's all about domination."

After the two finish their intense discussion, Rose shares with the man a New York Times article written about her. "I didn't notice they had the quote above it," Rose shares about the piece. "'I have been harassed, I have been maligned, and you know what? I'm just like you.'"

Before the two part ways, the man tells Rose he's happy to have met her. "I'm glad you came too," she shares. "You made my heart happy." 

See the powerful moment in the clip above!