James Corden's Best Moments Hosting the 2018 Grammy Awards

Late-night host brings the laughs thanks to Carpool Karaoke, puppies and a few adorable parents

By Mike Vulpo Jan 29, 2018 4:29 AMTags
James Corden, 2018 Grammy Awards, ShowKevin Winter/Getty Images for NARAS

James Corden knows exactly how to give the people what they want.

For the second year in a row, the Late Late Show star served as host for the 2018 Grammy Awards where he reminded fans that he loves music.

Before bringing the laughs and creative segments to the show, James kicked off the evening by addressing a matter important to many people.

"This year, we don't just have the most diverse group of nominees in Grammys history," he explained during his short but sweet opening. "We also have, for the second year in a row, the least diverse host in Grammys history."

Okay, the jokes kicked off early. Let's start the show, shall we? 

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For the first time, James brought his popular carpool karaoke segment to the New York City subway. Joined by Sting and Shaggy, the trio tried their best to impress strangers with their sounds and guitar skills.

Ultimately, their segment proved to be LOL-worthy thanks to the reactions of passengers who just wanted them to "shut the f--k up."

Soon after, James decided to acknowledge the losers of tonight's show. Can you think of something that always brings a smile to people's faces? Puppies!

"I don't want anybody to be upset tonight," he told the audience including Jerry Seinfeld. "So the good news is nobody goes home empty handed, because all night we'll be handing out consolation puppies. OK so if you didn't get a Grammy, you get a puppy!"

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And during the show, James wasn't afraid to take risks such as when he had celebrities participate in Fire and Fury Spoken Word auditions. His pick to read the infamous book by Michael Wolff? Hillary Clinton, of course!

What was never taken for granted during the three and a half hour—that featured James' mom and dad as special guests after checking out Hamilton on Broadway—was the simple fact that the host was a fan of music.

After Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee performed "Despacito," James delivered a joke so many viewers can relate to.

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"All right, that is, that is a catchy song. I have not heard that song before," he shared. "If they could just get that song on the radio, they might have a hit on their hands."

And when spotting Jay-Z and his family out in the audience, James couldn't help but freak the freak out.

"On a personal note, I've been in New York for a week now so I pretty much know this place by the back of my hand now so if you need me to show you around…We could go down to Brooklyn or down to Tribeca. Right next to Deniro, but guys like us will be hood forever," James explained when quoting "Empire State of Mind" lyrics. "We could go to my stash spot, 560 State Street. You know, whatever you want. We can take a yellow cab, a gypsy cab... Just holla back."

James just gets it and we love him for it.