Tyler Baltierra Slams Catelynn Lowell Cheating Rumors

Teen Mom star says he has "nothing to hide" when accused of cheating on his wife and gets into explosive Twitter feud with Simon Saran

By Meg Swertlow Jan 27, 2018 10:38 PMTags

Tyler Baltierra isn't about to let you call him a cheater!

On Saturday, the Teen Mom star hopped on Twitter after he believed that Twitter user @entylawyer had accused him of cheating on wife Catelynn Lowell, who has gone back to treatment for a second time in recent months to deal with past trauma.

On Saturday morning, Tyler wrote a post slamming the Twitter user for implying he'd been unfaithful to his longtime lady love.

Tyler wrote, "Okay, so yes, I should just ignore this & yes, since I know it’s not true I shouldn’t be paying attention to it. BUT I’m a very stubborn individual & have always got a thrill from seeking out justice & facts. SO, Mr. @entylawyer here I am calling you out! Let’s see evidence."

The user, who has described himself in his profile as. "A 300 pound entertainment lawyer who has been married six times, lives in his parent's basement and has an obsession with digging up celebrity dirt," responded quickly, "I haven't revealed anything about you in quite some time. You seem defensive though. Anything you care to share?"

Tyler bit back with an image of old tweet, "So what is this then? A "blind item" revealed? Are you saying your sources are Farrah & Simon? Good lord help us all! It's sounding more & more crazy, the more you talk. So please keep going...indulge me."

The 26-year-old wrote added that he had nothing to fear because he'd done nothing wrong.

"A panicked person would keep their mouth shut & hope this all slides under the radar. Not me, I'm marching in & calling it all out! Because I have NOTHING to hide nor worry about," tweeted the MTV star.

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Because the Internet is forever (and so is a time stamp)  it does appear that the Twitter user did call out Tyler in regards to cheating on her, but if you look at the date of the tweets, the "Blind Item" in question is from 2016, and it appears as though @entylawyer posted about the possible infidelity in February 2017.  

Either way, it looks like Tyler isn't going to let anyone say he's stepping out on the mother of his children.

And while this whole fight appeared to be about drama from the past, it appears to have kicked up some new dirt with Farrah Abraham's on-again/off-again boyfriend Simon Saran.

The two got into it on Saturday afternoon, calling out each other's significant others and trashing their life choices.

After Simon criticized Tyler, he wrote, "Are you for real with all that!? Coming from the dude that sleeps with Farrah & actually allowed that info to be filmed & aired for the world to see!? God you really have lost your touch with your insults. I’m gonna need a little more from you Simon. Try again!"

Unfortunately, Simon hit back, "Much rather sleep with her than what you have to sleep with. Trust me."

Simon then attacked Tyler for his decision put his first daughter up for adoption, unlike Farrah who chose to do porn in order to provide for her daughter.

Simon wrote, "Farrah did what she had to do to support her baby as a single mother . Unlike your p--sy ass who gave your child up. #TeenMomOG."

Tyler made it clear that line didn't work on him any more, writing, "OH NO! not the ol’ 'gave your baby away' insult!? I have never heard that one before. I thought I said to be original Simon. You swingin, but that don’t mean anything if you keep missing. You end up just wasting your energy & start getting sloppy with it. Take a break bud!"

Hopefully, these two boys can both take Tyler's advice and take a break from their Twitter attacks on each other.