Elton John Opens Up About His Bittersweet Farewell Tour at the Grammys 2018: ''I'm Looking Forward to It''

Iconic singer joins E! on Live From the Red Carpet at the Grammy Awards

By Kendall Fisher Jan 28, 2018 10:59 PMTags
Watch: Elton John Talks Farewell Tour Logistics at 2018 Grammys

Elton John isn't trying to look too far into the future just yet, but he does know he's ready to focus more of his time on family.

As we reported earlier this week, the iconic 70-year-old singer will embark on his three-year farewell tour later this year. He chatted about the upcoming 300-show tour with Ryan Seacrest on E!'s Live From the Red Carpet during the 2018 Grammys and admitted it's something he can't quite wrap his head around yet.

"There's 300 shows, and it will be about three years," Elton explained. "I might do a hundred shows a year anyway when I'm working. But I'm really looking forward to it. to it—looking forward to starting it, but it will be such a great production, and I'm looking forward to finishing it, so I can spend time with my boys."

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Still, when Seacrest asked his feelings on the whole retirement thing, Elton admitted it's a long ways off.

"I don't know. I don't look ahead," he quipped. "I'm just looking forward to show one, then ask me when we do show 300,OK?" LOL.

However, his husband, David Furnish, is already feeling "bittersweet" about it, but overall, he's excited to have Elton home with him and their two sons.

"It's drawing a curtain over something that's been extraordinary," David explained. "But also wonderful to have him home with the family more."

Meanwhile, Elton will take the stage tonight to perform with Miley Cyrus, whom he can't help but gush over.

"I've always loved her," he quipped. "I like those are my kind of women. I like my women to be strong, and I like my women to be feisty, and she can sing! So it's great to finally be able to work with her."