Nattie Neidhart Lies to Lana About T.J. Having a "Rare Form of Adult Chicken Pox" on Total Divas

By Vannessa Jackson Jan 30, 2018 8:00 PMTags
Watch: Lana Trains With TJ Despite Nattie's Warning

What's the harm in a little white lie? 

On Wednesday's season finale of Total Divas, Lana wants to get some extra training with Nattie Neidhart's husband T.J., and apparently Nattie doesn't want that to happen. "I'm back in the gym with T.J. and his face looks clear and glowing, his hands look great," Lana shares. "Even though Nattie just told me that her husband has chicken pox so don't train with him."

Uh-oh. Looks like Nattie has been caught in a bit of a lie. "Nattie is such a liar. I just don't understand why Nattie would say that," Lana reveals. "But I want to train with T.J. 'cause T.J.'s one of the best." Luckily, T.J. didn't let their feud get in the way of being a great trainer. 

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"I feel like clearly Nattie doesn't want me to be training with you, because she's saying that you have chicken pox," Lana reveals to a bewildered T.J. "I have chicken pox now?" T.J. jokes. 

"She was like, ‘No I shouldn't be training with you, you have a rare form of adult chicken pox and that it's really contagious.' I'm like, 'Nattie, I've already got chicken pox before,'" Lana shares. Looks like everyone is healthy and Nattie was being a little deceptive. 

"Nattie's been acting really strange but also it's Nattie," Lana shares. "Half the time she has a problem and won't say it to your face and just like vents to her cats about it." Looks like Nattie has got a lot of explaining to do! 

Watch the clip above to see the hilarious moment!