Will Ferrell Hilariously Heckles Jimmy Fallon's Performance of "Don't Stop Believin'"

On Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the Daddy's Home 2 star interrupts the host's Journey performance

By Elyse Dupre Jan 26, 2018 2:31 PMTags

Mental note: Don't invite Will Ferrell to karaoke.

On Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show, the Daddy's Home 2 star hilariously heckled Jimmy Fallon during the host's performance of "Don't Stop Believin.'"

Sporting a bowl cut and piano tie, Fallon played an ‘80s musician named Peter who was testing out his new song. But as he started belting out the tune, Ferrell, donning his own bowl cut and green turtleneck, repeatedly interrupted the performance to ask questions about the lyrics. For instance, when Fallon sang, "Just a small town girl," Ferrell asked, "Where does she live?" And when he sang, "living in a lonely world," Ferrell asked, "Did she stay there or was she traveling?" 

As Fallon continued to fight through the performance, Ferrell commented on other aspects of the song's story line, including the city boy, the strangers waiting, and the midnight train going anywhere. 

He even interrupted by talking to audience members about his brother Gabriel.

However, it looks like Ferrell's heckling was too much for Fallon's character. According to the sketch, Peter ended up quitting the music business and selling the song to Journey, who turned it into the famous hit people recognize today. As for the heckler, he opened a bar with his brother inspired by the song called "Streetlights with Gabriel."

Watch the video to see the hilarious skit.

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