Watch Justin Timberlake Surprise Ellen DeGeneres With an Epic Birthday Gift

"Suit and Tie" singer sends a special gift to the talk-show host

By Mike Vulpo Jan 26, 2018 3:31 AMTags

Let the birthday celebrations begin!

As Ellen DeGeneres prepares to celebrate her 60th birthday Friday, the talk-show host is getting a surprise from one of her famous friends.

On Friday's all-new Ellen DeGeneres Show, Justin Timberlake appears via satellite with a special message for the birthday girl.

"Hey baby. I'm rehearing for the Super Bowl, rehearsing for the tour. I'm so sorry I can't be there to kick off your birthday week," Justin shared. "You know I'd like to be there but I need to make sure we are great."

When Ellen asked if the former 'N Sync member can address the reports of special guests coming for the Pepsi halftime show, Justin remained coy. He did, however, invite Ellen to come out for the show.

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"You're welcome to come out with me if you want," he shared to the delight of audience members. "You're very good at dancing too."

"You know I'm really great with lyrics so I can sing along with you," Ellen responded. "You're sweet and no."

Ultimately, Justin delivered pink flowers to the studio for Ellen to enjoy. In addition, the singer joined The Tennessee Kids to perform "Happy Birthday."

"Thank you for doing this," Ellen shared. "I can't wait to see you. I'm sure everyone is excited for the halftime show."

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