Scandal Explains What Really Happened to Quinn & Rowan Goes Shopping

Quinn's basement fate was revealed in an extremely strange flashback episode of the ABC hit

By Lauren Piester Jan 26, 2018 3:12 AMTags
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If you ever had a fantasy of watching Papa Pope go shopping, tonight was your night!

Scandal jumped back a bit to explain exactly what happened to Quinn when Rowan kidnapped her, and the answer was "nothing fun."

She mostly sat in the basement and hallucinated her friends giving her crap for not getting herself out of the basement while she fashioned a rope out of her wedding dress. Meanwhile, Rowan went a little wild. He did a lot of shopping, buying a giant suitcase in which to put Quinn and a crib in which to put her baby. 

He also got a new gun and put it right in Olivia's face, demanding his freedom (and his booooones!) in exchange for Quinn's freedom. And while it didn't sound like Olivia cared all that much about her friend's life, Quinn realized how much she actually did. 

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Turns out that antique hairpin Olivia gave her was actually a pretty solid weapon, which she didn't even really need, because Rowan didn't even aim the gun at her. He pretended to have shot her, held a finger to his mouth to keep her quiet, then went back upstairs to tell Olivia it was done. 

Then he came back down and offered the very pregnant Quinn a glass of wine, while she asked for a glass of water. 

When they got upstairs, Quinn realized she was having contractions, so obviously Rowan gave her some drugs to knock her out and called his friend from the store to help deliver the baby. 

By the time Quinn woke up, the baby even had a little hat! In fact, she had enough clothes to last until kindergarten, according to Quinn. 

She went to confront Rowan, only to discover that he had killed his friend from the store. His only friend, apparently. For he is a crazy man who makes friends with men in stores, forces them to deliver babies in dirty basements, and then kills them.

And then the episode ended, with Quinn still alive, but without Charlie showing up and discovering the baby. Does Quinn survive until Charlie shows up? We don't yet know. But we do know that Papa Pope is a nut job who just did a whole lot of crazy s--t in the name of a bunch of bones. 

What a ride that was!

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.