Grey's Anatomy Tackles a Whole Bunch of Heartbreak at Once

Jo's abusive ex-husband's fate was revealed in the Thursday, January 25 episode of the ABC hit

By Lauren Piester Jan 26, 2018 2:25 AMTags
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What. An. Episode. 

Tonight's Grey's Anatomy did not even sort of go in the direction we thought it was going, thanks to those promos we've been seeing all week after it definitely looked like Jo and Alex ran over her abusive ex, Paul. 

But very quickly, Paul's fiancee Jenny found Jo and thanked her, only to be confused when Jo completely denied having put Paul in the hospital. Then the two women bonded and went to confront the recovering Paul together, just as he was yelling about being released. 

They declared they would never speak to him again unless it was on a witness stand, which is just about when he tried to get out of bed, tripped over many wires, and hit his head on the end of the bed, leaving him brain dead. And guess who's still married to him, meaning she has power of attorney. 

Jo. Frickin'. Wilson. 

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This isn't the fallout we were expecting, but damn was it a fascinating fallout to watch. 

Another thing we weren't expecting tonight: the return of April's ex-fiance Matthew. 

So many seasons ago, April and Jackson bailed on April's barn wedding to the kind and very boring EMT named Matthew, and now he's got a new wife who just happened to show up in April's ER in very late labor. April delivered the baby just after discovering who the woman was, but later, the woman's blood pressure fell, and Robbins had to rush her into emergency surgery. She didn't survive. 


And then there was more heartbreak, thanks to a 12 year-old black boy who came into the ER after being shot by police and handcuffed for trying to break into his own house when he forgot his key. 

It first seemed like he was going to live, but then something went wrong, and he died. Jackson went into a fully understandable but impossibly contained rage against the racist/"biased" cops who refused to leave, and a defeated April refused to give them a statement other than the truth: they killed a kid for no reason. 

The night really became all about April, who found herself confronting her belief in God after losing all of her ER patients, minus the one boy who tried to cut off his own hand because his religious beliefs made him believe masturbating was a terrible sin. She drowned her sorrows in the shower, with a guy from the bar. 

As for Paul, it turns out he was hit by a drunk driver. All his organs have now been donated to people in need, allowing him to do some good after all the bad he did in life, and Jo and Jenny are now free, so at least something good happened tonight. 

But damn, there are some moments from that episode that will—and should—stay with us for a while. 

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.