Gal Gadot & Ashley Graham Share Confidence-Boosting Beauty Secrets

It involves running around naked and morning breath

By Diana Nguyen Jan 25, 2018 10:37 PMTags
Watch: Gal Gadot Breaks Down Her Skin Care Regimen

Gal Gadot won the genetic lottery.

The Wonder Woman actress revealed the secrets behind her stellar skin Wednesday night at the Revlon Live Boldly campaign launch—and unfortunately for us, she can thank an outstanding gene pool.

"I drink a lot [of water]. It's genetic as well," Gal told E! News.

Don't be too envious—the actress also puts in the work: "I make sure to clean my skin every day, and there's never a scenario where I go to bed with makeup on. And hydration—I use a lot of creams," she revealed.

Consistent skin care will surely be a tip the new face of Revlon will be sharing with her daughters, as her eldest is already digging into Mom's collection "like it's a candy drawer," she shared. "I just want them to have really good self-esteem, love themselves, be healthy physically and mentally, and the rest is the icing." 

Gal Gadot's Best Looks

The other new faces of Revlon, including Ashley Graham and models Adwoa Aboah and Imaan Hammam, shared similar empowering sentiments throughout the night. Graham is the first curvy girl to land a major makeup contract—and that accomplishment was not lost on the Sports Illustrated model.

"Beauty doesn't have a size," she told E! News. "Now lipstick doesn't have a size. For me, it's very important that young women and young men know that the thing that fashion and beauty brands have called imperfections are not. We've got back fat; we've got cellulite; we've got blemishes. That's part of the conversation we want to be in that. This campaign with these women couldn't be more perfect."

Watch: Ashley Graham Reveals When She Feels Most Beautiful

In fact, the model feels the most confident in perhaps the most surprising times.

"There are so many times where I feel the most beautiful," she said. "I feel the most beautiful right when I take my makeup off, right when I put it on, right when I wake up in the morning and my husband kisses me with morning breath and he says, 'You're so beautiful.' It's like…how can you not feel beautiful?"

In a rut? The model, whose been married to husband Justin Ervin for seven years, had relationship advice, too.

"Just walk around your house naked," Ashley recommended. "Keeps it spicy."