Rita Moreno on SAG Awards Emotional Moment: "I Was Crying"

"Like a wave it started in the back, and by the time it got to the front," the One Day at a Time star says

By Diana Marti Jan 25, 2018 9:46 PMTags
Watch: Rita Moreno on Friendship & Presenting to Morgan Freeman

The audience at this year's SAG Awards made Rita Moreno cry. 

Last Sunday night, the iconic star presented her dear friend Morgan Freeman with the lifetime achievement award. But as she walked out on the stage, she was met with a cheerful standing ovation that truly touched her heart. 

"Well, I'll tell you something when they started to stand up, I got so emotional. Because honestly, you come out, you expect to do what you're supposed to do, announce the wonders of this wonderful man," she tells E! News. "Look what happens, like a wave it started in the back, and by the time it got to the front, I was crying. It was amazing."

Be sure not to miss the end of the interview, when Moreno adorably squeezes Zuri Hall's cheeks. 

Rita Moreno Overwhelmed With Emotion During Standing Ovation at 2018 SAG Awards

For Moreno it was truly special to reciprocate the favor since only several years ago he presented her with the same honor. 

"And of course, I adore Morgan. We are all buddies, 50 years worth of friendship, that's a long time," she said. 

"Oh my God!" The One Day at a Time star blurts out. 

The standing ovation lasted for more than 20 seconds until Moreno then gestured for everyone to please sit down. 

"Oh, my God! That's a lot of love, but I can handle it," she says overwhelmed with emotion. "Oh! You've just damn near killed me! It was, oh, I can't get over it!"

One Day at a Time is back with its second season on Jan. 26 on Nextflix.