Teresa Giudice Explains Why She'd Rather Not See Husband Joe Every Week in Prison

Real Housewives of New Jersey star also assures fans she's not getting divorced

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Watch: Teresa Giudice Gives Update on Imprisoned Husband Joe

Teresa Giudice remains focused on keeping her family together.

As the Real Housewives of New Jersey star continues to care for her four daughters while Joe Giudice is in prison, fans shouldn't pay too much attention to those divorce rumors.

Earlier this month, Teresa made headlines when she wrote on social media that she was "getting great advice" from divorce attorney Loren La Forge-Kyriakoulis.

There also was speculation that the Bravo star was hanging out with a mystery man while on vacation at the Moon Palace Cancun in Mexico.

Once and for all, Teresa wants to make it clear that things are a-okay in the Giudice household. 

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"The divorce lawyer is my friend and I knew exactly what I was putting out there and if I was getting a divorce, you think I would put it out on social media that way? It's so funny to me how people take something and run with it. It's crazy!" she explained to E! News. "I basically did that to promote my friend. She is an amazing divorce attorney so if you are getting divorced, she's the person to call."

"I was with my father and four daughters," Teresa continued when addressing her family vacation. "They don't even have one picture of me with anyone else except my girlfriends, my dad and my daughters."

As to whether or not the speculation bothers her, Teresa said she tries her best not to pay any attention to it.

"I guess I've been doing it so long now that I'm just used to it and it just goes in one ear and out the other. I don't read it," the Standing Strong author explained. "If somebody tells me about it, then I'm like, 'oh whatever.' It doesn't even faze me."

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Watch: Teresa Giudice Clears Up Divorce Rumors

For those wondering how Joe is doing behind bars, Teresa revealed that she last saw her husband before Thanksgiving and he is "doing good, looks great" and is in good spirits.

As for why she's not visiting him more regularly, the reality star assures fans there is a reason behind it.

"Time is going by quick. I'm busy, I'm doing it all by myself so the days do go by and my thing is I'd rather not see him every week because I feel time goes by slower. This way, it is going quick," she shared. "I do miss him but I feel like everything happens for a reason and maybe we needed this time apart to help us get stronger together. I just go with it. This is what God wanted. It's fine."

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