Lots of big decisions to be made!

It seems like everyone is in the middle of some big life changes on this week's episode of WAGS AtlantaNiche Caldwell and Kaylin Jurrjens are busy trying to get their careers back off the ground. In the past, both ladies took time out of their passions to help their men build their careers, but now they are more determined then ever to set some goals for themselves. 

Kaylin decided on last week's episode to work on launching her hosting career and convinces Niche and Brandi Rhodes to go with her to an improv class. The pair had fun doing a little bit of interviewing and learning how to go with the flow. 

Kaylin then returns the favor by accompanying Niche to Sincerely Ward's event where she was walking the runway for the first time since getting married and having her kids. Once she got back in the groove, it was like no time had passed.

"Being up here just makes me feel like I'm supposed to be here. I miss being here. Every step that I take I just remember walking in college. I remember walking in high school," Niche shares. "Its giving me my anticipation of trying again. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, but right now I just feel like this is where I'm supposed to be."

Ariel Anderson, WAGS Atlanta 104


Ariel Anderson is trying her best to get her mom and sister to take her seriously as a business woman. "I have tried to give Ariel more responsibility at the dance studio, but for whatever reason, she drops the ball," Kierra Douglas explains. 

Ariel may understand where her mom and sister's reservations come from, but she's tired of them not trusting her. Especially when it comes to the way her mom views her. "You want me to live up to all of Kierra's accomplishments. I don't want to live up to her accomplishments," Ariel shares with her mom in a heartfelt conversation. "I want to not be only Kierra's little sister."

If they're not going to give her the responsibility she wants at the studio, then she's just going to have to find it elswhere. Ariel reveals that she has some plans to start a talent agency of her own, and she's going to show everyone what she's made of. 

While Ariel is busy trying to build a business, Telli Swift and boyfriend Deontay Wilder are busy trying to build a family. Telli is putting the pressure on Deontay to propose soon, but it looks like they may have to put those plans on hold for a little while because Telli finds out she's pregnant

While it may not have been in their plans, it turns out a baby might be the best thing for them. Except for the fact that Telli has no plans to be a baby mama, and is prepared to leave if she doesn't get an engagement soon

"I feel like you're not going to take me seriously if I don't give you an ultimatum. I feel like we've had this discussion before… I don't want to talk no more," Telli shares with Deontay. "I'm done talking about stuff, I want it to happen. It's either you give me what I want or I'm out."

Check out the video above for this week's full recap! 

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