Gina Rodriguez Opens Up at 2018 SAG Awards About Needing More Latinos in Lead Movie Roles

"I mean, we do make 55 million plus in the country. No big deal. You should throw us in a movie or two," the Jane the Virgin star says

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Watch: Gina Rodriguez Wants More Latinos in Lead Movie Roles

Gina Rodriguez is representing! 

The Jane the Virgin star and E!'s very own Nina Parker picked up right where they left off during their interview on the red carpet of the 2018 SAG Awards. The two were in the same wedding years ago and they shared a bonding moment at a nail salon in Chicago. 

"You were telling me like, 'I don't know, girl, I'm just waiting for the right thing.' And then the right thing came. Do you remember that? And you were dealing with a guy you didn't like," Parker recalled. 

"Always, right?" Gina says jokingly. "Except now, Joe, I love you so much baby, you're the best thing that happened in my life."

2018 SAG Awards Red Carpet Fashion

The actress, who sports a beaded gown from Rasario, now also has the title of director and producer on her extensive resumé. She directed the last episode of Jane the Virgin, which will air February 9. 

Rodriguez then gave us all the deets on her future projects and proudly mentioned her upcoming film and also dropped some knowledge about the impact of the Latino community. 

2018 SAG Awards: Empowering Quotes
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"I have an action Miss Bala, but that's an action film and it comes out this summer with Kevin Misher and Sony. Ya, yay Sony for putting a Latino as the lead because barley people do that. I mean, we do make 55 million plus in the country. No big deal. You should throw us in a movie or two. It would make sense. We do buy one in every four tickets, every single weekend, and make sure that your movies do well. So, it would do you service. Not only of service, it would be, I don't know...intergrity," proudly explains. "So, thank you Paramount and Sony because you two are doing it, you're opening up the doors."

Just add that to the long list of reasons why we love Gina Rodriguez!