Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn Share What They've Learned from Each Other on the 2018 SAG Awards Red Carpet

Absolutely nothing, Hawn joked to Giuliana Rancic on the 2018 Sag Awards red carpet

By Lauren Piester Jan 22, 2018 12:48 AMTags
Watch: Kate Hudson & Goldie Hawn on Learning From Each Other

Tonight's SAG Awards might be the first time that Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn have presented an award together, but the mother/daughter duo are no strangers to presenting other things together.

"We've presented dinner together," Hawn joked to E!'s Giuliana Rancic on the red carpet. "She's presented me with two gorgeous grandsons, but this is the first time we've done this together."

"Oh god, how much time do we have?" Hudson responded when asked what she had learned from her mother. "It's challenging because it is that plentiful. I feel lucky and blessed that I have a role model that I can call mom." 

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"I think that compassion, to be compassionate," she continued. "I have a lot of fight in me by nature. I think one of the things my mom has taught me is to find compassion in everything that I do, kindness, and that family is everything, that how we raise our children is the true legacy for everyone and everything. So everything we put our hearts into is really just for our family." 

And what has Goldie learned from her daughter?

"Absolutely nothing." 

"Welcome to our family," Hudson added. 

Hawn's real answer was a lot more beautiful.

"The problem is that our parents seem to think they're supposed to know everything, but if you listen to your child, they will tell you things," Hawn said. "And every child is different, so what Kate and I have together is not what Ollie or Wyatt and I have together. because when you listen to your kid, you hear who they are, and that's what you tender—not who you think they should be." 

Hudson and Hawn will present Best Ensemble in a Drama Series during tonight's show.