Adam Levine Almost Pooped His Pants When Dusty Rose Was Born

Plus, the Maroon 5 singer tells Jimmy Kimmel Baby No. 2 is coming "very, very, very soon"

By Zach Johnson Jan 19, 2018 12:25 PMTags

Say, say, say, hey, hey now, baby!

Adam Levine appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, where he revealed wife Behati Prinsloo is close to giving birth to Baby No. 2. She's due "very, very, very soon. Any minute now," he said. Right away, the Maroon 5 singer clarified, "Not any minute now! But very close!"

The "What Lovers Do" singer is the proud father of a 16-month-old daughter, Dusty Rose Levine. But, as he recalled to Jimmy Kimmel, her arrival came at an inopportune moment. "I received a tip from Carson Daly. You know—television's Carson Daly? That's the guy. He has like 400 kids, so...He said, 'You have to eat something.' And I remembered to eat. They say that a large percentage of new dads, when their wife is in labor, they pass out because they forget to take care of themselves and nourish themselves with food, and they faint a lot of the time," he said. "I don't know if that's true or not; it sounded pretty official, from the way he told me."

Adam wanted to be "a pillar of strength" for his supermodel wife, so he took Carson's words to heart. "It was good advice," Adam said, "but like all good advice, it can be abused and misused."

With that, Adam proceeded to share his "embarrassing" story.

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"You know Craig's, the restaurant? I ordered a lot of food, because I'm like, 'I've gotta eat a lot of stuff now, otherwise I'll faint,'" he said, adding that he got cheeseburgers and pizza. "I just started going at it," he continued. "What I discovered about myself is that I'm a nervous eater."

Behati's labor was "beautiful" but "slow," he said, and he was surprisingly calm.

"I was eating a lot, though," he said. By the time they arrived at the hospital, he said, "I've put back an unbelievable amount of food. So, I'm basically bursting at the seams. Like, I'm going to s--t my pants at some point. There's no other way I can tell you this," he said. "But also, my wife is in labor! It's the lamest thing to be [feeling] when your wife is going to have a baby. That's not in any way a viable complaint. So, you've got to just keep it inside, literally and figuratively."

What else was Adam to do? "I'm like, 'S--t, man. I'm just going to wait this out.' Because I could go to the bathroom and come back, and the baby's out and I missed the whole thing. It was brutal. So, I waited, doubled over in pain, and finally the baby came. It was beautiful and it was amazing. The second the coast is clear—my wife's good, she's healthy, everyone's happy—I took one of the nurses aside and I was like, 'Look, you gotta find me a bathroom.' She's like, 'Well, there's one right here.' It was at the foot of my bed. I was like, 'No...not that bathroom.'"

"Well," Jimmy joked, "that's fatherhood for you!"