Brie Bella & Daniel Bryan Have an Awkward First Meeting With Nattie's Friends Before a Long Road Trip: ''They Seem a Little Cuckoo!''

By Brett Malec Jan 22, 2018 6:00 PMTags
Watch: Brie Bella & Daniel Bryan Gear Up for Road Trip!

Road trip time!

Brie Bella, Daniel Bryan and baby Birdie are moving from San Diego to Washington with a little help from Nattie Neidhart's longtime family friends.

In this clip from Wednesday's new Total Divas, Brie and Bryan enlist the help (and motor home) of Nattie's friends Annie and Donna to make the move up north. See, Brie can't drive because she has to breast feed every two hours and Bryan is suffering from vertigo.

Enter Donna and Annie, who have some big personalities during their first meeting with the WWE stars.

"They're in like matching pajamas with little RVs on them," Brie reacts after meeting the matching mother-daughter duo. "They're very spunky I guess you could say."

Brie Bella & Birdie's Cutest Pics

Brie and Bryan take a tour of the motor home and notice lots of eclectic items, including a painting with Birdie's name on it. "I painted the baby a picture," Donna tells them.

"She might get nightmares but that is really neat," Brie quips.

Then Brie and Bryan noticed that the RV is stocked with lots and lots of junk food and soda for their journey. "Oh my gosh, the snacks they have packed is like the worst food you could imagine, but I'm thinking to myself, ‘Us on a motorhome, a lot of space, cozy, comfy.' You can't beat that. That literally sounds like a win-win situation," Brie convinces herself.

Later, Brie and Bryan talk about the awkward meeting. "They seem a little cuckoo," Brie says before Bryan replies, "A little? You had to have known if they are friends with Nattie…"

Check out the hilarious clip above!