Why Vanessa Lachey Finds Nick Lachey Sexiest When He's Changing Dirty Diapers

Celebrity couple sits down with E! News for a candid conversation on life with three little ones

By McKenna Aiello Jan 18, 2018 1:00 AMTags
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Fatherhood looks good on Nick Lachey. Just ask his loving wife of seven years, Vanessa Lachey!

Together the celebrity couple raise three children, 5-year-old Camden, 3-year-old Brooklyn and newest addition Phoenix, and they're the first to admit the Lachey household errs on the hectic side more often than not. E! News sat down with Nick and Vanessa for a candid conversation on life at home with their little ones, including their secret to a lasting, happy marriage

From the 98 Degrees singer's perspective, their partnership is built on "sharing the load" and "delegating the responsibility." He usually takes on mornings, while Vanessa tackles getting the kiddos ready for bed. "We have a whole routine with a story, getting them ready with the sound machine, obviously singing lullabies, and, of course, the Pampers Baby Dry," Nick explained, mentioning their go-to line of Pampers diapers. 

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But if you ask Vanessa, it's when her man volunteers to take on the less-than glamorous aspects of daddy duty that really turns her on. 

"That's why I always commend single moms," the Dancing With the Stars alum told us. "I know how hard it is with an active husband. He probably changes more diapers than I do, and that's sexy! That's the secret. Dads, don't be scared to change a diaper. You will make your woman so hot for you." 

And Nick doesn't mind it one bit, adding, "As a dad, I wouldn't want to get away with that. It's part of the experience and I love every part of it." 

"That's why I married this one," Vanessa continued. She also shared, "To Nick's point, why it works for us is we share the load. Also I think consistency and predictability is what makes it easier for the kids."

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