A Revenge Body Participant’s Family Betrayal Leads to Major Weight Gain: Watch to Hear Her Shocking Story!

By Mona Khalifeh Jan 18, 2018 6:33 PMTags
Watch: Shayla Devastated by Truth About Her Biological Father

Shayla was hit with a bombshell that altered her entire identity.

In this clip from Sunday's Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian meets Shayla, who up until recently thought she had a firm grip on her family tree.

"The person that I thought was my dad, is not my dad," Shayla revealed.

In addition to receiving that shocking news, Shayla was also told that her real dad had died a few years back. While Shayla admits she didn't have much of a reaction, she said she felt betrayed by her parents.

"After my parents decided to come clean to me about who my biological father was I started to beast eat to feel better, but gaining all this weight has made me feel worse," Shayla said.

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When it comes to getting revenge, Shayla said she wants to be able to stand up in front of her parents and share her hurt with them so that she can finally take control of her life.

Khloe commended Shayla for her strength and resilience.

"I think the strongest trait about a person is knowing when to ask for help and you being here is a huge strength in showing that you want your life back and you want to figure this whole thing out. I commend you for that," Khloe told Shayla.

Meet Shayla and hear her heartbreaking story in the clip above.