Go For the Velcro or Stay Home: LA to Vegas Cast Shares Their Best Travel Advice

Dylan McDermott, Kim Matula and the cast of the Fox comedy share their best travel advice

By Lauren Piester Jan 17, 2018 1:10 AMTags
Watch: "LA to Vegas" Stars Share Travel Advice

Ready for your next vacation? 

You will be, after some very expert travel advice from the cast of LA to Vegas. Sure, the raggedy crew and passengers of a flight that only goes back and forth between Los Angeles and Las Vegas might not be the best experts, but there are definitely some good tips here. 

For instance, Olivia Macklin, who plays stripper Nicole, recommends a splurge. 

"I always say get that TSA pre-check. You're gonna fly right through security," she says. "I get to the airport like 20 minutes before my flight. It's a gift." 

That goes nicely with Kim Matula's advice to "keep your shoes on." 

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Nathan Lee Graham, who plays flight attendant Bernard, says we should all be investing in one particular piece of technology before we head out. 

"I'd say velcro. Velcro everything, so when you get to the airport..."

"Rip everything off!" Ed Weeks finishes for him. 

"Stay at home," Dylan McDermott advises, perhaps worrying about our safety in case we encounter a flight piloted by a captain like his character, Captain Dave, who may or may not like to partake in a drink or two before takeoff.


In Tuesday's episode, Dave meets his match in Captain Steve, a rival pilot played by Dermot Mulroney, also known as the guy who people confuse with Dylan McDermott. It's a legendary meet up that only further proves that this is the role Dylan McDermott was born to play and the mustache he was born to have, and also perhaps the role and mustache Dermot Mulroney was born to have. 

This also feels like a good time to remind everyone of our favorite SNL game show, Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney. Bless you, Fox, for bringing these Derbil McDillets together. 

LA to Vegas airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.