Kesha Norman's Relationship Drama Follows Her on a Girl's Trip to New Orleans on WAGS Atlanta

With emotions running high between C.J. and Kesha, it hit a nerve when Sincerely Ward called out Kesha's relationship on a girl's trip to NOLA

By Mona Khalifeh Jan 18, 2018 4:00 AMTags
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After a security camera scandal rocked their relationship, Kesha Norman and C.J. Mosley tried to work things out, but that doesn't mean the trust issues have melted away.

On this week's episode of WAGS Atlanta, Kesha and C.J. discussed heading to therapy to make things right for the sake of their family.

"I think the biggest thing we need to worry about is the trust issues…which is why you need therapy," Kesha told C.J.

And C.J. agreed. "If you think therapy will help and have a purpose, I'll agree to do it," he said.

At therapy, the couple discussed what they need to work on and ultimately it came down to communication.

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"Let the little things go and the past go," the therapist urged.

It seems like Kesha took the therapist's words to heart just in time for her to head down to New Orleans with some of the other ladies!

"This trip is good for me because I wanted to get my mind a little clear from C.J. and I going to therapy and just take a break on thinking about our separation issues," Kesha said.

Once they got to town, the girls were greeted by Kaylin Jurrjen's friend, and Ring of Honor wrestler Brandi Rhodes. Rhodes took the girls to a series of themed hotel rooms including the "Lucifer Suite."

"Luficer! As in the devil?" Kaylin screamed. "I didn't even know they make places like this."

To help ease Kaylin's mind, Brandi took the devil-themed suite and gave Kaylin some more heavenly digs.

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Their trip to The Big Easy quickly took a turn when the ladies headed to see a voodoo priestess.

"I just see all these little creature's eyeballs and I swear one like blinked at me a couple times. I'm a little freaked out," Kaylin said.

While Kaylin backed out of the voodoo reading, Kesha took the opportunity to ask the priestess about her relationship status.

"Women love to think that they can change a subject to become more favorable. But if you try to badger someone to make a decision, how much time you have lost?" the priestess asked.

"Maybe she's right. He hasn't changed yet. I don't want to be fighting for something and just wasting my time if it's not gonna work in the end," Kesha wondered.

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During a little party in Brandi's hotel room the topic of voodoo resurfaced, bringing Kesha's relationship to the forefront once again.

After hashing it out with Sincerely Ward, Kesha made it clear that her relationship is anything but dramatic.

"It's 2017, if we didn't want a baby, we didn't have to have one," Kesha told Sincerely.

Despite the spat, it looks like New Orleans gave Kesha all the perspective she needed in her relationship. The couple made up once she got back to Atlanta, giving Kesha the indication that they were finally on the right track.

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